Man with Laptop
  • Repairs

  • Does your computer have hardware issues?  Such as a CD-Rom drive that no longer works or a modem that no longer connects?

    We can fix these issues for you at minimal cost.

  • Upgrades

  • Does your computer still run but you wish it were faster?  Does your computer play DVD's but not Blu-ray?  Or would you love to make

    movies on your computer?  Older systems can often be upgraded at significantly lower cost than buying a brand new computer.

  • Custom Built Computers

  • Have you been looking for a new computer but you just can't find one with all of the features that you want?  Then talk with us, we can

    help you determine your needs and build a system tailored specifically to you.

  • Data Recovery

  • Did your computer just die and you don't have hard copies of all those pictures?  Then see us, I have equipment that allows me to

    recover lost data in most cases.

  • Networking

  • Have more than one computer in your house or place of business?  A home or small office network allows computers to share data,

    printers as well as Internet access.  This also gives you the ability to backup important files from all of your machines to s single network drive.

  • Malware Removal

  • Is your computer behaving strangely?  Has it slowed down significantly?  Even with Anti-Virus software you may still have Spyware and

    Viruses on your machine.  We can cleanup your system and have it running like new again in no time.

  • Insurance Estimates

  • Did your computer suffer damage from a power surge or a lightning strike?  Now your insurance company wants an estimate,

    but where do you turn?  We can provide you with a written estimate for repair or replacement of your system.

  • Software and Hardware Installation

  • Did someone just buy you a new game?  Did someone just buy you a new DVD burner?  We can install these in your system

    and have you enjoying them in a flash.

  • On Site Service

  • Can't bring your computer to us?  We do onsite service and repairs, when possible.

    Please call or email our office for more information. (Additional fees apply for on-site services)